Fast-Axis Collimation

Fast-Axis Collimation

INGENERIC FAC The most important optical component in the beam shaping systems in high-power diode lasers is the Fast-Axis Collimation optic. The lenses are manufactured from high-quality glass and have an acylindrical surface. Their high numerical aperture permits the entire diode output to be collimated with outstanding beam quality. The high transmission and excellent collimation… view product

Slow-Axis Collimation

INGENERIC SAC The Slow-Axis Collimation optic is a highly efficient means of forming the beam in the slow-axis of diode lasers. It is available either as a monolithic array of cylindrical lenses or as a single lens. All of our optics are produced using high-quality optical glass. The exacting product tolerances guarantee efficient collimation of… view product

Beam Transformation Optics

INGENERIC beamPROP The INGENERIC beamPROP is a lens array which matches the beam parameter product (BPP) of the fast and slow axis of high power diode laser arrays. The beamPROP is a key component for the fiber coupling of diode bars dense wavelength beam combining. Both applications make high demands on the components, which are… view product


INGENERIC C-Module The Collimation Module (C-Module) is a highly efficient means of reducing the divergence of diode lasers in the fast- and slow-axis simultaneously. The module consists of two micro-optics, fixed and aligned in one single module with high precision. Alongside its optimum collimation characteristics the module guarantees a simple and cost efficient assembly of… view product

Microlens Arrays

Microlens arrays with superior form accuracy are used for applications, where reliability and highest efficiency are crucial criteria. They range from beam transformation for fiber coupling over the homogenization of laser light up to the efficient combination of laser stacks of identical wavelength. The lateral dimensions of the arrays range from some millimeters in the… view product

Aspheres and Acylinders

High-precision Aspheres and Acylinders The use of aspheres and acylinders offers substantial advantages: minimization of aberrations, increase in efficiency, reduction of optical elements and weight of the optical system. With its unique molding technique, INGENERIC combines cost effectiveness with highest serial precision. Molded optics can be structured/curved on one or both sides with a large… view product

Special Products

Special Purpose Optics / Systems You require a special optical design or intensity distribution? We offer customized solutions starting with the individual aspherical lens with an optimized design, through to complete optical systems, tailored to meet the specifications of your application. We always remain true to our own principle: Regardless of whether an individual optic… view product