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Precision optics

Optics applications involving large quantities are extremely demanding in terms of optics manufacture. A good price coupled with the same, high quality in order to ensure that the optic fulfils all of its functions reliably, is what is needed.

INGENERIC's expertise in the replication of high-precision optics enables it to meet this frequently expressed requirement.

The client can choose from a number of different types of glass. The process also permits a high level geometrical and design flexibility on the part of the product.

Characteristics and advantages

  • Large quantities
  • Replicable, high quality
  • Excellent value
  • Glass as an engineering material
  • Design freedom
  • Long-term stability
  • Wide range of materials

Technical Service

We offer a comprehensive service: Our experts are on stand-by to provide assistance starting from the manufacture-oriented design of your optic through rapid production of prototypes to serial replication and the associated quality assurance measures.

Please contact our Technical Service Team in order to discuss your specific application.

Tel.: ++49 (0)241-963-1340

Detailed specifications

Detailed specifications are listed in the Product Data Sheet