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Collimation Module

The Collimation Module (C-Module) is a highly efficient means of reducing the divergence of diode lasers in the fast and slow-axis simultaneously. The module consists of at least two micro-optics, fixed and aligned with high precision in one single module.

Alongside its optimum collimation characteristics the module guarantees simple and cost efficient assembly of diode lasers. In order to further simplify mounting, we also offer the C-Module with additional surfaces for mounting.

The compact C-Module thus guarantees highest brightness of diode lasers in conjunction with minimal dimensions.


  • Efficient collimation
  • Optimized to ensure maximum brightness
  • Compact module
  • Easy to mount
  • Transmission in excess of 99%
  • Highest level of precision and uniformity
  • Long term stability
  • Optimized design


We also design, develop and manufacture customized collimation modules, which have been optimized to meet the specific requirements of your application.
In order to simplify mounting, we also offer the modules with additional surfaces for mounting and/or support structures.

Detailed specifications

Detailed specifications are listed in the Product Data Sheet



We operate a 100% quality control policy. By testing the modules in an environment identical to the conditions they will encounter in industrial practice, we ensure that there is no discrepancy between our test results and the results subsequently achieved when our optic is used within its intended application at your site.
In conjunction with our sophisticated manufacturing technology, this guarantees the production of modules with unsurpassed collimation characteristics.